Thursday, August 13, 2009

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

You know that is my favorite commercial with the mom and dad dancing down the aisle at the store picking out back to school supplies and the kids walking slowly, head hung low behind the parents. I have to say I LOVE this time of year. Life just seems to be more in align with what "should be" instead of "come what may". This year is a big one for the Wolslegers. We have one child in each school. Its the only year it will be like this. I can't believe that we have one old enough to be in High School, but alas we do!! It was a fun experience going to register Alexander at the high school. At what point are your kids "too cool" for mom to tag along. (Luckily it was not this year but I expect next year it might begin). Zack probably has it the easiest because he didn't have to change schools this year. Cameron is so excited to be in the big intermediate school and so now he gets to change classes every hour. He loves it. Greyson has some adjustments to make. Although he is at the same school, he's there all alone, which is a first for him. Rylee gets to do joy school this year. She is so excited to "go to school like brothers". I'm just so happy to have some sort of order to our lives. This should mean that we will be on some kind of schedule - I could accomplish so much...I might get my entire house de-cluttered, I might read every book I have on my shelf waiting to be read, I might make cookies everyday after school, I might...I might...I think I might take naps - I think Rylee needs that back in her life - yes afternoon naps are BACK!!! I do have to say that I love that the schools all get out at different times. Its lets me have a few minutes with each child when they get home to hear about their day. I look forward to taking that time with them - I hope I continue to work that into my new "schedule". So watch out - I have great aspirations for the coming months - well at least maybe I can catch up sleep!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Background

Sorry about the dark background. Its gone now. Dennis said the background I had on there was too girly so we found one that was a little more masculine unfortunately it made things difficult to read (surprise surprise something masculine being difficult - ha ha). So we are back to something "girly".

Friday, April 17, 2009

We are almost there...

Yeah Dennis only has 7 days of the academy left. We are so excited to have him home again full time. I know Rylee is thrilled. She sure misses her daddy during the week. I wish it was this week he would be home but its for basically selfish reasons - the PINE WOOD DERBY is this week. I told Dennis that he has to complete Cameron's car before he heads back on Sunday. I really cannot be held responsible for the outcome of the derby if I have anything to do with the creation of the car. So that is my only "honey-do list" item this week.

Alexander played soccer - it seems like that is all he is doing right now. They practice everyday after school from 3:30 to 6:30 and this week he has had games on Tuesday, Thursday and another one tonight. Dennis talked to his coach last week and he said he can't believe how great Alexander is doing especially after surgery and being out of play for so many months.

Zack had to write a song this week on the guitar for his guitar class. I hope you all ask him to perform it. It starts out "Zack Attack is back with a brand new edition". Its something to look forward to - really ask him to perform - he hates to.

Cameron raced in the Hershey Track meet this morning. He ran the 100, the 200 and the long jump. He made the finals for the 200 but he got third place (only 1st and 2nd move on). He jumped 5'1" for the long jump. We asked if that was good - he said no. Sounded good to us. Oh well.

Greyson has his first baseball practice this week. He is so excited. Games are supposed to start next week. We will certainly keep you posted.

Rylee continued gymnastics. She sure loves it. She also gave a talk in primary. It was so adorable if I say so myself. She said alot of it all by herself with only a little prodding. Since it was Easter weekend, my brother and his family were here so Rylee had quite an audience between them, us and grammy & grandpaul.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Okay Okay Okay...

This is just for all of you who have commented on the fact that I have never updated my blog since I started it. I know this seems unbelieveable to all of you who are such faithful bloggers. Its just that I guess since Alexander's surgery nothing seems THAT important. Now I know that is not true because I have other children - and they are important too. We've been doing alot of soccer lately. Bub is on the high school JV team and they play twice a week. He is really playing well - he says that has alot to do with his surgery. He's been playing almost the whole game if not the whole game. His skills are really improving. Zack and Cameron are both playing on competitive leagues. Sometimes their games conflict and so we have to split up who goes to see which game. Luckily their games are all on Saturday - when Dennis is home YEAH! Zack is playing mid-field and is probably the fastest kid on the team (and I'm not just saying that because I'm his mother). Cameron is playing the goalie. It makes me a wreck - so much pressure - but he does really well. He is great to rally the whole team and get them talking to each other. Grey chose not to play soccer this season but wants to play baseball. We're still waiting for that to start but it should be any day now. Rylee just started gymnastics. Its so cute. She's only had one class but hasn't stopped talking about it since. I think she spends alot of time getting drinks in the water fountain (that seems to be her favorite part - at least it is what she talks about the most.)

So anyway now am I off the hook for another 5 months or so?? Love ya all!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well we just got back from Primary Children's Hospital. Alexander had his pectus excavatum corrected. It was amazing. The pictures below were literally taken before surgery and immediately afterward. He's still recovering (in fact he'll be recovering for a long time - 12 weeks to be exact). He'll turn 15 at the beginning of next year. The surgeon Dr. Meyers explained that this is the perfect time to perform the surgery right before a big growth spurt. He's a freshman this year so he'll be doing school online for the next quarter. By January he's going to be so bored. Rylee and I will do our best to entertain him. She's so helpful, a little nurse in the making. She loves to run and get him drinks and pillows and to change his movies (although Snow White is not necessarily Alexander's favorite choice) but she's helpful none the less.